The Pupil Marker     Michael Goodwin LDO Inventor - "for a more accurate measurement"
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 The Pupil Marker  and The LenZ Marker were invented by an Optician who has over 35 years of retail and wholesale optical experience.
  Most Opticians and Optometrists have all used some kind of marker to dot the lens of a new or existing frame in order to properly measure the fitting height of a progressive lens.
  Most of those markers left a black dot on the lens.  Yes, the black dot works fairly well, but the black mark was too difficult to see because of the black background of the patients pupil. There is simply no contrast that way.
  Our new marker leaves a white dot which is the obvious answer. Whether the patient and dispenser are standing, or sitting, the white dot can be seen up to several feet away leaving the dispenser a clearer picture on where the proper height should be.
  The pupil marker has a unique acid free formula that marks on all lens materials and on any anti-reflective surface. How simple is that? 
I guarantee you will see our white mark easier than any black marker.
Pick up your markers for $3.95 and make the process easier.
Major companies and institutions that currently use our marker are:
Transitions, Zeiss, Signet Armorlite, Younger, Essilor,  Hillsborough Community College  Opticianry Program, and private practices throughout the United States, Canada, and the UK.
If you have any questions about this product, please use the contact information listed below.
Michael Goodwin LDO will personally answer any questions about his products @ 727-421-8133


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